2 models Tacfire .308 5/8inX24 Thread Full Size Muzzle Brake (8) As Low As (Save Up to 12%) $21.99 Best Rated Guntec USA AR . Like my Best AR-15 Muzzle Devices article, I started my research with Jeremy S. over at TTAG who did amazing research on recoil reduction. area 419 (in stock) 5.0 (9) quiet muzzle brake 7mm. We have, therefore, decided to review five of the best .308 muzzle brakes on the market 2021, and find the perfect one for your shooting style. Not only looking at recoil data but checking out side blast, decibel readings, and reticle movement. For some shooters operating in the night, early evening, or dawn with reduced light, the flash can cause loss of night vision. Much less than I’d have thought from the sheer size of the brake. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Or maybe you need a scope? Let’s talk first about what our main expectation for a muzzle brake is, which, traditionally, is to reduce recoil. With that in mind, it may be worth checking out our reviews of the Best AK 47 Muzzle Brakes currently available. Thanks for the reply. The VG6 might be my overall Editor’s Pick for a good mix of price (it’s around $70), recoil reduction, and reticle movement. It was reputed to be tops at recoil reduction and potentially on par or better than the Precision Armament product. I have had more than dozen M1As in all configurations. Very accepted that 10db is twice as loud. The muzzle brake reduces the recoil of the Remington 700 significantly, approximately by 20-30%. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As for reticle movement…it does the job decently well with some movement at the 1-2 o’clock. After reviewing the best muzzle brake for ar 10, we felt that the number one choice for a customer looking to buy a muzzle brake for ar 10 will be WM 10 piece .223 5.56 Rifle 1/2×28 Thread Barrel Muzzle Device Steel Crush Washer. The rifle I used is not a precision rifle, but it represents something most people are familiar with. Installing a muzzle brake is one of the easier modifications you can make to your .308, however, if this is your first time, it may be wise to get a professional to help you. I knew it was bad but didn't realize CA had become that draconian. Also, if you want to find out more about the different calibers, check out our comparisons of the 308 vs 30 06 and the 6 5 Creedmore vs 308 Winchester. In addition, for fine-tuning purposes, the shooter can use blind pilot holes and a pilot hole for pin and weld. There are many different types of muzzle break, so you need to know what you’re looking for, as well as the major differences and similarities between brands, your price range, and the gun you will fit it to. Plus there’s nothing on the bottom to kick up excess dust if you’re going prone. It comes with a crush washer, and the sides having flat surfaces, provide for an easy installation. I’m using a .308 AR-10 from Palmetto State Armory. Looking a little like the head of a pit viper, muzzle rise compensator jets can be tuned with small screws. The best installation system is the Accu-Washer™ Muzzle Alignment, which is an extra order. Got them in hand…and shot them a bunch before starting the tests. The M4-72 in .308 from Precision Armament is the highest rated model for both .308 and .223 in terms of recoil reduction. I measured how far the rig slid back for each shot. One of my recommendations if you’re after more recoil reduction but can live with some side blast and decent reticle movement mitigation. However, the manufacturer does warn that you should not use crush washers with this product. I have a Remington 700 and really care more about vertical movement reduction. By reducing recoil fatigue a .30 cal muzzle brake will let you practice more. This type suppresses and reduces the flash from the blast or the shot, wherever it’s noticed most. But how does it to for our other tests? I shot standing up with a c-clamp grip and did my best to let the reticle move naturally before followup shots. Some of them reduce the recoil, some the noise level of the shots, and others only reduce the flash. Again, good since it was probably free or cheap. The Remington is also one of the best muzzle brakes for 300 Win Mag that features simple stainless steel construction with a silver-colored finish. I appreciate that info. Have you done a similar test with a more powerful bolt gun? The steel finished magnesium phosphate is very high-quality and easily withstands high temperature use. Re: Muzzle brake for a 308 I would have to say that the BABC on a M1A for comparison is not apples to apples. Hi Fergie! I chose it since it feels very over-gassed and in need of a great muzzle device. The traditional and principal reason for a muzzle brake is recoil reduction. You can see some movement in the wind sock but it’s nowhere near as bad as the DPMS. I rigged up a windsock on its side and kept the distance from the muzzle roughly the same for each brake/compensator. As for the movement…there was a good amount upwards and only slightly to the right (due to my left-handed c-clamp grip). The constant recoil of a powerful weapon can have physiological consequences. Best Muzzle brake for 308. My 24" 6.5G AR seems very sensitive to things on the muzzle. Sound is the same as most of the others at 120 dB for all three shots. Efficient reduction occurs when using a 7.62 rifle with 5/8-24 threaded muzzles. But if recoil reduction (63.7% for the Viper vs 64.4% of the M4-72) and quick double-taps on target are your name of the game…you can’t do any better. An advanced Ionbond® high-temperature model is available with matte black CrCN coating. And be sure to check out Best AR-10 Rifles and Best AR-10 Buttstocks. Wish you had included BCMGunfighter Compensator in the testing. There is a ballooning interest in the sport from much younger and also female shooters. One of my top 5 30cal muzzle brakes. The brakes are designed to disperse the hot gases from cartridge ignition through various small chambers and holes. And though it maxed at 121 dB, it’s not the worst for the shooter if you’re wearing proper ear pro. Very pricey at ~US$180. Did you note where the empties were landing? That is quite significant and has allowed a lot of hunters and target shooters to extend their shooting pleasure. ). Muzzle brake is designed to reduce recoil and muzzle rise for improved control and quicker follow up shots. Thanks Kyle! ….as our best overall choice. Which Muzzle Brake Do We Think Is The Best 308 Muzzle Brake? My guess is that .308 includes a lot of bolt guns…and many people are looking at pure recoil reduction and care less about vertical movement reduction (from compensators). Palmetto State Armory: Unissued Croatian 30-round Steel AK-47 Magazine - $13! And now I hope to answer some of yours! A further and equally important benefit is pain reduction…. My very heavy, short .308 bolt action barrel had zero change in group size. ar-15/ar 308 asr muzzle brake 30 caliber. 308 Cal Multi Port Steel Compensator (1) $89.95 (Save 16%) $75.99 We’ll start with one of the very best muzzle brakes for 308, the DPMS has six opposing side ports. gentry custom llc (in stock) - 0.0. muzzle brake 30 caliber. It either screws onto the muzzle or is a permanent part of the barrel. There's a number of variations for specific applications. The way the stock is set up on these rifles kicks the muzzle up because the recoil drives above the butstock center. Sure would like to see that product included in the mix, although ZRODelta has apparently dropped it. Similar to the Surefire, the VG6 Gamma has a blind pin hole for welding to your barrel. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. The vertical ports are efficient in controlling muzzle rise, while side ports produce an effective brake in recoil reduction. We’ll start with one of the very best muzzle brakes for 308, the DPMS has six opposing side ports. Its maximum sound level in tests was 121 dB. 10 Best Muzzle Brake For Mosin Nagant January 2021 Results are Based on. Marksmen and hunters are familiar with the use of muzzle brakes for reducing recoil. do you think VG6 will make a CAGE for the AR-10? Learn more at, 6 Best .308 Muzzle Brakes & Compensators [Tested+Video]. Nonetheless, the best installation system for this would be the Accu-Washer Muzzle-Alignment, which can be ordered separately. Check out Best AR Optics or Best 1-6x Scopes for more details on my optic. Plus it knocked my camera out of alignment after the first shot. The A2 Flash Hider is probably what came with your .308 if it was a semi-auto. Last up from one of my favorite muzzle device manufacturers is the VG6 7.62 Gamma. The muzzle movement compensation is achieved by the slots on the top. While being a little large, a little heavy and on the more expensive side, the weight gives it a really good hold down for long-distance shooting. The Precision Armament M4-72 Severe Duty is the clear winner when it comes to muzzle brake performance. The VAIS muzzle brake works with many 30 caliber weapons and is extremely easy to install. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. I bought the mb1 muzzle brake for my 308 absolutely love it made it look customized and will be ordering Another one for my 7mm I gotta say one thing about witt machine you get craftsmanship work for a reasonable price.comment by Eric Smith on 1-10-2015 Date Added: 01/10/2015 It’s the most affordable pure brake on the list…but at around $60 you’re probably wanting to spend just a little more to upgrade. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer. The M4-72 in .308from Precision Armament is the highest rated model for both .308 and .223 in terms of recoil reduction. Get proficient on YOUR time. A muzzle brake is nothing more than a steel tube, slightly larger in diameter than the barrel. Brakes are produced in many styles and finishes, making it easier to choose one that suits you and your gun. Check out our beginners guns video course. Are you running out of your own ideas for articles? So, how do you go about buying the best muzzle brake for your .308? Reduced muzzle rise, greatly assisting accuracy. You can see some movement in the wind sock but it’s nowhere near as bad as the DPM… I ran a Primary Arms 1-6x with ACSS reticle scope at a 25 yard target. And $250 for a stainless is definitely not great...maybe for a 3D printed Inconel one! And this offers a very similar function to the SureFire SFMB-762-5/8-24 Suppressor Adapter; the difference being its a stand-alone device. The coating is beautifully machined and of high quality. Now we take a closer look of the strongest on the market for a.308 for our final muzzle brake analysis. 2. This can especially affect shooters with any arthritis in the shoulders. TacFire AR-10 .308 5/8x24 Pitch Thread Muzzle Brake Jam Nut Steel Black MAR062B TacFire AR-10 .308 5/8x24 Pitch Thread Muzzle Brak... Our Low Price $5.97 QuickView AR-15 AR 308 Muzzle Brake Recoil Compensators available in 1/2x28 1/2"x28 5/8x24 5/8"x24 tpi thread pitch, crush washers, barrel muzzle thread protectors & jam nuts Toggle navigation AR accessories - Spend $50 for FREE 3-5 day shipping ! I became my group's "gun guy" and everyone who had questions came to me. on a related note, i really like the SureFire Pro Comps and VG6 Gamma for the AR-15. And while being the most effective muzzle brake for .308, these figures remain consistent using the .223. In some of the brakes, you can tune them to suit which side you shoot on, as well as accurately compensate for the muzzle rise and horizontal movement. This is intended for the owner of Creedmoor who feels sick and tired of manipulating a muzzle brake which won’t remain in place. Best Muzzle Brake I Have Ever Used: I installed this muzzle brake on a .308 Winchester chambered Remington Model 700 VS rifle. It is both a muzzle brake and a competent hybrid compensator. If you are looking for 7 62 Vs 308 Rifle And Best Muzzle Brake For 308 Rifle7 62 Vs 308 Rifle And Best Muzzle Brake For 308 Rifle If you searching for special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. For our mid-sized 30 caliber cartridge, I had to go with the legendary 308 Win. In addition, it could take years off the pleasure a shooter gets from his rifle. Your email address will not be published. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay.com. General sound level is pretty even with other makes and models at around 120 dB. The .308 model reduces recoil 64.4% with those angled side vents. It is made of 4140 steel with a manganese phosphated finish. It’s up there in the side blast but I’m usually far enough away from other shooters it’s ok for me and my AR-10. The .308 model reduces recoil 64.4% with those angled side vents. Not a lot of movement on the wind sock and holding steady at 120 dB at the shooter. Wondered how well it holds true. If you have another weapon or target gun that has minimal recoil, you will not need a recoil brake. And that recoil is going to have some consequences for the shooter. The giant side vents also won it 3rd place in recoil reduction with 63.7% reduction. This brake fits .308 caliber Modern Sporting Rifles, .30 caliber and smaller rifles. The chamber geometries result in a nice soft feel for the shoulder, and due to strenuous testing, muzzle control benefits from the design of the gas ports. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for AR-10 Muzzle Brakes. A good choice for a bolt gun to save your shoulders. It offers brake, compensator, and flash hider in a single package. It also sports a pattern of holes over the mid-portion of its surface area to project the expanding gases outwards. 2A ARMAMENT X4 7.62mm/.308 caliber Titanium Blasted 2a Armament X4, Muzzle Brake, 6al-4v Titanium, Bead Blasted, 5/8 X 24 Tpi, 308 Win, 2.75" The X4 Titanium brake is a lightweight muzzle device for large bore applications. Different muzzle brakes work better with certain types of guns. The 5.56 version did well in recoil reduction coming just behind the Miculek. I started with some of the top I already had and that had some great reviews already. And reticle movement is decent at a more horizontal 2 to 3 o’clock position…probably because the top compensator vents are doing their job. This muzzle brake can also be mounted easily over a muzzle with ½-28 threads. Plus, it has a similar profile to your barrel so it doesn’t protrude from anywhere. So, let’s go through them…. While that weight criticism has been made regarding hunting, the weight can come in handy in long-range shooting. As low as $95.00. I immediately noted that recoil comes straight back, completely eliminating muzzle rise. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. Get Cheap at best online store now!! Made in the USA. Copyright © 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Thanks and keep writing. But: "Every three dB means a rough 2x increase in loudness" is flat wrong. You’ll want to swap out that factory muzzle device and get a new muzzle brake or compensator. For more info, refer to the video above and/or the 5.56 muzzle brake tests. And did I mention it’s huge and weighs about 3/4 of a pound? This is a most effective muzzle brake aiming the SureFIre Procomp Muzzle Brake 7.62 at a reduction of recoil impulse and muzzle rise. I soaked up as much information as I could online, at competitions, and from tinkering in my workshop. The recoil effects could bring down the shooter’s shot count from a full session to 2 to 3 shots. The VG6 GAMMA 762 is an excellent muzzle brake and competent hybrid compensator. There wasn’t data for the 7.62 version but I’m thinking it’s on par with the same side vent design. I have a 300 win mag and it came with no muzzle device... Good luck shooting that 300. If so, check out our reviews of the Best 308 762 Semi Auto Rifles currently available 2021. Recoil can affect the accuracy of the shooter, the accuracy of the gun, and the accuracy of the bullet itself. Just read this article on the other site and left this same question...How do run a brake test without APA B brakes? The LR-308’s reduction in recoil feels similar to that of an AP4 Carbine. Bare muzzle is the basis for comparison against which all of the muzzle devices are measured. The .308/7.62mm fits any caliber from .243 Winchester up to the 338 Lapua Magnum (6.8 SPC, 308Win, 300WM, 338LM, etc.). It’s a two side-vent system and there’s also two blind pilot holes at the 3 and 9 o’clock if you want to drill for side-to-side movement reduction. $113.99. This provides the shooter with…. These reduce the decibel intensity of the sound emitted by lowering the pressure in the gases leaving the barrel. Reticle movement is acceptable in the near to horizontal 2 – 3 o’clock latitude. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. Well, our Best Scope 308 Rifle reviews, should have exactly what you’re looking for. Until I test again…it’s pretty decent for the price! Long name but consistently top of the list for recoil taming. Nice Article although I didn't to see any compensators reviewed. Privacy Policy and It is machined from heat-treated, US mill-certified stainless bar stock, and Surefire has alleviated vertical movement, by machining holes in the top. 1. These direct cartridge gas outwards, and this, in turn, reduces muzzle jump. Terms of Service apply. RUNNER-UP: Smith Enterprise - AR .308 Muzzle Brake .905 30 Caliber. The.308 model reduces recoil by 64.43%. Not only in a single session, but in terms of years left in their hobby. Add to Cart. When I added a brake the groups shrunk a bit. It is easy to install and secured with a 3.7-ounce lock-nut, which comes with the kit. I settled on that since I hold on the left and most of my shots tend to go 1 o’clock. Great product. I don't really see any difference in felt recoil or muzzle flip between the Gamma and the Epsilon - but the Epsilon does do a good job of working as a flash hider. Has anyone tried the Precision Armament Hyper Tap on a .308? Most devices designed for the standard A2 flash suppressor will fit over it. However, the brake also makes the rifle louder. Buy Best Muzzle Brake For 308 Rifle And Dpms 308 Rifle Pricing Best Muzzle Brake For 308 Rifle And Dpms 308 Rifle Pricing Reviews : You finding where to buy Best Muzzle Brake For 308 Rifle And Dpms 308 Rifle Pricing for cheap best price. The effect a brake has is going to depend on your individual rifle. The LR-308’s reduction in recoil feels similar to that of an AP4 Carbine. This means no flash to distract you from your down the line vision. I really like this site. Top 5 Best Leupold Scopes For AR-15 In 2021 Review, The 5 Best Leupold Rifle Scope For .308 Of 2021 Review. Repetitious recoil can seriously affect shooters with a lighter build, older shooters, or shooters with an injury. great article as always and thanks for your time Eric. While sound suppression may be the aim of the design of some brakes, it can frequently make the gun louder. It provides great recoil reduction, but the side blast can really hammer the eardrums. Add to Cart. You may want to rename the article. One of the excellent muzzle brakes for the 308 is the VG6 Precision – Ar .308 Gamma 762 Muzzle Brake 7.62. And erosion from extreme heat combat conditions is minimized by heat treating the stainless steel. Reticle movement is also pretty large and inconsistent…some shots were more vertical while some were in the 2 o’clock range. It does an awesome job of reducing blinding flash compared to a bare muzzle…but it’s not made to reduce recoil or vertical movement. It's supposed to be good at compensating, braking and flash suppression. V/R, The A2 is not even a muzzle brake and you didn't even include the SJC Titan, that's actually the best muzzle brake with the most recoil reduction. Precision Armament - M11 Severe Duty Muzzle Brake 7.62mm/.308 . 24 muzzle devices for .30 caliber are tested for recoil reduction on a Lancer Systems L30 Heavy Metal .308 (AR-10 / SR-25).